Danish Liquorice

If there is one food Denmark is famous for, it would have to be Danish Liquorice – “Lakrids” In Danish.  To preface, I’ve never liked liquorice to begin with, it’s taste has always been rather unappealing to me.  Oh how I underestimated just how unappealing liquorice could be…  First of all, there is no “red” or “black” liquorice in Denmark, it’s all black.  Jet black.  In addition, liquorice in Denmark is far from black liquorice in Canada.  Black liquorice in Denmark is incredibly salty.  Salty to the point where it almost numbs the mouth.  In my experience, Danish liquorice is overpowering and unbearable.  As I found out, there is a reason to this.  See, in Canada, black liquorice is made of ingredients you may expect, sugar, liquorice extract, etc.  But, in Denmark, Liquorice is made of three primary ingredients: Liquorice plant, charcoal, and ammonia.  Yes, the same ingredients you’d use to have a barbecue and clean that barbecue afterwards are used in the creation of candy…  As one may expect, it’s an incredibly powerful taste.  However, most Danes love it and defend it.  I suppose it’s an acquired taste.

Canadian black liquorice is hated by many; when Canadians are finished with a bag of assorted candies, more often than not people will leave all the black liquorice at the bottom of the bag – where it belongs.

This post is all in good fun, Danish ways of life are not better, nor worse, they’re merely different.  I’m thankful for the cultural experience, however, my tastebuds are not.1200px-Swedish_salty_liquorice


One thought on “Danish Liquorice

  1. “Our” version of black licorice=amazing. Yes, I am that person that will eat all the glorious black licorice that everyone else leaves behind. Did you know it makes your teeth look whiter? But I’m pretty confident that I would leave Denmark’s variety of black liquorice behind.


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